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McCalla Eyeglasses

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Call McCalla Eyecare Center today for the best in various lenses like anti-reflective, scratch-resistant, ultraviolet, and tinted. Our McCalla eyeglasses come in a wide variety of prices, shapes and frames. Some of our services include contact lens exams, prescription eyeglasses, diabetic eye exams and emergency eye care. Call today for glaucoma care, macular degeneration care and treatment of eye infections.

Polycarbonate lenses are great for children, or for those who play sports or have hazardous jobs, due to their durability. Mirrored lenses, polarized lenses and polycarbonate lenses are all specialty lenses and McCalla eyeglasses that we can make right on site at our optical department. Our prescription sunglasses also come with 100% UV rated protection, as do our non-prescription brands. UV protection helps to ward off the sun’s harmful rays that can contribute to skin cancer, glaucoma, cataracts and other eye diseases. Some of our other lenses include bifocals, which have two distances in one lens. Trifocals can have three distances in one lens. These are good for those who have near and farsightedness.

Certain types of frames work best on certain face shapes, such as round, square or long. You can come in and try on McCalla eyeglasses or have one of our staff help you out. Our eye exams are designed not only to check eyes for diseases, but also to detect whether or not the patient suffers from any vision conditions that would require the need for corrective lenses. Optical prescriptions are designed to fix problems like nearsightedness and farsightedness. We recommend patients with glaucoma, diabetic eyes or cataracts come in as needed to check their eyes as well. Any changes in vision should be checked or reported. We accept a wide range of insurance as well as credit cards.

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