Glaucoma doctor in Bessemer

Glaucoma Doctor in Bessemer

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If you want to make sure that your eyes are staying healthy, you should have periodic eye exams at our McCalla Eyecare Center. Our glaucoma doctor in Bessemer, Dr. David H. Pickrell, can provide you with complete glaucoma testing, and if necessary let you know about different glaucoma treatment options.

Glaucoma is actually a collective name for a series of different eye diseases which all cause damage to the optic nerve. The most common type of glaucoma, open angle glaucoma, shows no obvious symptoms in the early stages. For this reason, people can be walking around with this eye disease and not even know that they have it. However, it is during this time that it is very important to have glaucoma treated to make sure that it does not progress and go on to cause permanent vision damage. Glaucoma can generally be caught by our glaucoma doctor in Bessemer while it is still in its early stage when you visit our office for a comprehensive eye exam. If our eye doctor sees that you have glaucoma, he will most likely be able to treat it using medicated eye drops which you will self-administer on a daily basis. A person can have a genetic predisposition to glaucoma, so if it runs in your family you will definitely want to have periodic glaucoma screenings. Glaucoma can be caused by elevated pressure in the eyes. This pressure can be easily and painlessly tested during our comprehensive eye exam. Other risk factors for glaucoma can include age, race, elevated eye pressure, as well as having certain diseases such as diabetes. As part of our eye exam, our eye doctor will not only evaluate your intraocular pressure, but also check the thickness of your cornea and inspect the drainage angle of your eyes. If you are experiencing any optic nerve damage, this too will show up during our glaucoma testing. In advanced cases of glaucoma, laser surgery can be effective in keeping the disease from progressing.

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