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Emergency Optometrist in Bessemer

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Emergency Eye Care in Bessemer

Emergency Optometrist in Bessemer
Emergency Optometrist in Bessemer

If you or a family member have ever had a sudden eye emergency, you may remember how difficult it was to find emergency treatment. At our eye care practice, McCalla Eyecare Center, we are very happy to be able to offer patients expert emergency eye care. We hope you never do, but if you need an emergency optometrist in Bessemer, we hope you will contact us regarding getting immediate eye care.

At our optical practice we are very pleased to have two expert optometrists available to provide you and your family with excellent emergency and non-emergency eye care. Dr. David H. Pickrell has been practicing optometry for 22 years. He currently treats patients out of his offices in McCalla and Talladega. Dr. Patrick Brian Pyron is our other highly skilled optometrist. If you, or a friend or family member, have an eye care emergency, contact our office and let us know exactly what the problem is. Our staff will work their hardest to make sure that our optometrist will be able to see you very quickly. Sometimes a patient will need to see our emergency optometrist in Bessemer due to an eye injury. Other times eye emergencies can be caused by a medical condition that is occurring within the eye.

If a patient is all of a sudden seeing a lot of floaters, or is experiencing flashing lights, they may have a retinal tear or detachment. This type of situation needs to be seen immediately by our eye doctor so that it can be accurately diagnosed and treated. If immediate surgery or advanced care is needed you will be referred to an expert ophthalmologist in the area who will able to provide you with emergency care. If a patient has diabetes and experiences a sudden vision loss or disruption, they too should be seen immediately by our optometrist. If you ever get a foreign object or chemicals in your eye you definitely have an eye emergency that needs immediate treatment. Additionally, if your eye is swollen, red, or painful, you will want to come into our practice immediately for care. If these conditions continue to persist you could develop a partial loss of vision or even experience permanent vision problems if the condition is left untreated. Other signs that you need immediate care are: immediate loss of vision; burning or stinging in an eye; decreased vision; double vision; light sensitivity: bruising around the eye; blood in the white part of the eye; severe itching; or many other symptoms. To see our emergency optometrist in Bessemer, contact us immediately, and let us know that you need emergency eye care.

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