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Eye Disease Testing in Bessemer

Have you been noticing a subtle loss in your vision when trying to read up close, or a tunneling of your peripheral vision field? This can be much more than a sign of your body growing older, but the development of destructive optical diseases which can cause permanent vision loss without proper care. Even those of us with perfect vision can still develop an optical disease just as easily as those who do not. For this reason adults even in their older years should be visiting their local Bessemer optometry office at least once a year for a comprehensive eye exam. Our optical disease experts at the McCalla Eyecare Center can work with you to insure your eyes see clearly for a lifetime.

As we age our eyes can begin to develop problems, but vision loss that is caused by aging can be due to many different optical diseases, and knowing the difference is vital in the proper care of your eyes. One of the most common vision problems due to age is known as presbyopia. As we grow older, the natural lens of our eyes loses its flexibility. As it stiffens, it becomes more difficult for our eyes to focus on objects up close, making our favorite books or tablet devices a chore more than a pleasure. Reading glasses or multifocal eyeglasses from your trusted Bessemer optometry office can easily treat this problem to restore your sight to perfect clarity at any range.

Presbyopia causes vision loss at a gradual rate that can be easily treated, but other optical diseases that occur with age are not so simple. Illnesses of the eye such as cataracts and glaucoma account for the greatest number of total vision loss cases in industrialized nations today. Unlike presbyopia, these diseases can occur fairly suddenly, and often show no symptoms until permanent vision loss has already begun. Anyone can develop these diseases regardless of the state of their vision, but your risks can be increased if you have diabetes, have suffered an optical injury, fail to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, exhibit high blood pressure, or use prescribed steroids on a regular basis. Our team at your professional Bessemer optometry office can explain to you your risks of developing an optical disease, and work with you to prevent them from harming your sight.

Adults should be visiting their neighborhood Bessemer optometry office at least once a year to properly care for their eyes. Our team at the McCalla Eyecare Center are more than just general opticians, we are experts in medical eye care treatment and even emergency care. We utilize the latest in optical technology and technique in order to diagnose eye diseases at their earliest stages for improved treatment to keep your vision clear and strong at any age.

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